Echo Chambers – Who Are We?

This is my 7th post on the subject of echo chambers. If you have not read the previous posts, I encourage you to do so. Clicking on echo chambers on the menu above will take you to the previous posts.

This post and the previous posts, have, hopefully, provided better understand of echo chambers and their influence on our society and, more specifically, our personal lives. This post is the next step toward addressing “how” questions,  a summary of my conclusions regarding echo chambers may be in order. If you have not read the previous posts. CLICK HERE to read a brief summary.

It is not my purpose, in writing these posts, to launch a movement to eliminate echo chambers. I do hope that those who read these posts will gain an awareness of echo chambers and their impact on our society. More importantly, I want readers to understand the personal implications of residing in an echo chamber. 

Do not think this is about Republican or Democrat, et al. It is not about giving up what we believe to be right. It is not about proving the other side wrong.
Relative to the negative outcomes of an echo chamber, it is ultimately irrelevant whether we are right or wrong about our cause.
Continual, unfiltered exposure to reinforcement of our rightness, will, ironically, result in unhealthy outcomes that can result in destructive consequences.  It is revealing to read comments on controversial subjects that appear in social media. There is no limit  as to how despicable comments can be. Living constantly in an echo chamber can transform us in ways that are inexplicable. The “safety” of an echo chamber is a darkness that shields us from face to face interaction and allows us to escape responsibility and grants permission  for words and conduct that we would never consider otherwise.
Consider two comments posted recently on Linkedin:

Bull@#$% comments from trolls or morons are completely useless and waist of my time to read. I am not neatral in what i am.I stand without doubt a hardcore constitutional republican ,a Master automotive technician, and above all a christian. So call me what you want i am confident in my beliefs, ideas and religion.What the naysayers have to say has ZERO EFFECT ON ME and makes no difference to anyone but the one calling names.

… we should all support each other…men ,women and others.we are all gods children.lets stop dividing ourselves into ,women, black ,white straight ,gay.lets just be one people with the same mission.being good citizens of our wonderful country.I agree that women should not put down other women nor should any group denounce other groups just to self promote or to attack others you dont agree with.Lets debate and find common ground and work together for the greater good for all.

The first comment was, obviously, in response to a subject the commenter did not agree with. The second comment came in response to an idea the commenter agreed with. The most revealing thing about these two comments is that the author of both was the same person.

I wonder which one he would say most represents who he is?






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