Bob Dadisman

My long time friend, Bob Dadisman died unexpectedly Sunday evening January 21, 2018.

The reality of his passing is a shock. In my mind he was destined to live beyond normal expectations. His dad died at age 95 and his mom is still living at age 101 +. It seemed, in some ways, he planned not to die at all. Not that he didn’t realize his mortality, he just didn’t live like it.

The windows through which I saw Bobby was in our close friendship as couples. Ann and I with Bob and Carla and Frances and Lovell Richardson enjoyed life together regularly and traveled to numerous places. Those memories are special. Additionally, Bob and I served together as elders. It was there that I gained deeper insights into my friend.

Bob was a strong man. Anyone who shook his hand knew his physical strength. I watched him in his later years work like a man half his age. It never occurred to me to challenge him physically. His strength was more than physical.

He was a man of strong convictions. I did, on occasion, challenge him on that front. He did not often relent to my challenges but he was always willing to hear me out. I never felt disrespected. Thankfully, whenever he was nearing his tolerance limit a facial tic would appear and I knew it was time to retreat.

Bob was a passionate man. He deeply loved his family, his church family, and his business and worked tirelessly for their well being. His love and passion was revealed in his deeds. I never witnessed an emotional outburst from him.  However, I am certain that anyone who engaged him in an emotional context never doubted his care and concern.

Bob was a man of faith. His belief in Jesus was deeply embedded in his up bringing. As we served together as elders, I watched him struggle with the challenges that come to people who are serious about their faith. He was sometimes perplexed and other times troubled but I never knew him to waver in his confidence in Jesus.

If I had to choose a prominent person/image that most resembled Bob I would pick John Wayne (my apologies to the younger. Google it!). Like Wayne, Bob was a “straight shooter” who stood tall (?) and courageously lived out his values. The following quote about Wayne fits Bob well:

… his was no star-crossed journey. Rather, [Bob] simply worked tirelessly at his craft until he became a [success], but he never lost sight of the simple, straightforward person he was raised to be, even at the height of his [success]. Through it all, he tended to his family, enjoyed a few laughs, and devoted himself unwaveringly to his friends and [church] all his life.

I can say without reservation, the world is a better place because of Bob Dadisman.

Bob always loved a good steak. Though I never knew him to eat one that he didn’t wish it was a Gene Cash steak.

I love this recent picture that captures Bob’s care and concern.

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11 Responses to Bob Dadisman

  1. ron cooper says:

    Well said George!

  2. Linda Arnett says:

    Very touching, George. Thankful you and Ann had such a friend.

  3. Bobbi Logsdon says:

    You truly captured my dad in these thoughts. He loved you dearly and you were always dear to his heart. We love you and Ann.

  4. Joni Ferguson says:

    Thank you. Your words speak truth and love. I miss you and Ann.

  5. Dianne Smith says:

    A loving tribute to a godly man.

  6. Darrell W Davis says:

    Beautifully stated George!
    Bobby “G” leaves a void in the “Field of Friendship” for many of us that I do not think can ever be easily refilled? To know the man was an honor. To serve with the man as a Shepherd of God’s Church was one of the most rewarding times of my life. If I might reference your good friend Dr Lynn Anderson & his book: “They Smell Like Sheep”, I believe Bob came close to that smell just because he lived as close as you can get to God’s Sheep as a Shepherd. RIP/BGD, truly a servant for God.

  7. Kendra Stradley says:

    George, Thank you so much for sharing your heart. It helps all who loved him to share our memories and remember how he lived. The trio of couples you mentioned all share many of the traits of which you spoke. God’s blessing of giving us His church to support one another in our journey through this time on earth is priceless. I miss and love you and Ann.

  8. Don Barbiea says:

    Bob thought me at an early age the meaning of a great handshake.
    I always looked forward to showing him I could give him a firm
    handshake back. I have shared that lesson for years with young airmen
    and scouts. I admired that man for his strength and leadership.
    Always imagined him living forever and climbing scaffolding on jobsites
    A story I heard from my masonry subcontractors that we both used.
    He will surely be missed.

  9. Vanessa Dadisman Brady says:

    Beautifully said! He was all of that and more. What a gift he was! My heart is hurting but I’m more thankful that God chose me to be his granddaughter and I got to spend my life with the love of a grandfather like him. What an honor that is to me!

  10. PAULA ASHMORE says:

    A beautiful tribute to a godly man. What a privilege to know him. He truly lived the bible, and his life preached a sermon no preacher ever could.

  11. Adam says:

    Bob was not only my landlord, but he was a mentor, a friend and a true believer. I had the privilege of knowing Bob for close to 10 years and I looked at him like a father in so many ways. I am going to miss him and his talks. He always had a way of making you feel better and that I will miss. I will be praying for all of his family. Bob will be dearly missed. I am truly blessed to have known him.

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