Birthday and More


Today is our oldest grandson Sean’s 23rd birthday. He is currently in the US Army getting prepared to be deployed to Europe. Congratulations Sean!


I took Blake and Grayson to the Louisville Slugger museum today. They really enjoyed it. The big bat in front was their favorite sight.

I got to meet Charles Henry Gunn for the first time today. He is the newest son of Tim and Karen.


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Cruising on the River



Today our care group enjoyed a lunch cruise on the Belle of Louisville. It was a good time. The price was reasonable and the food was descent. Several in our group have good memories of the Belle of Louisville a.k.a. Avalon. Bob and Carla had their prom on the Avalon (that would have been when I was 10 years old).

I sat with Andrew Verble for a short time this evening. He continues to slowly progress. He will have surgery Monday to complete his skull reconstruction. I have such admiration for the faith and perserverance of his parents, Sid and Suzanne.

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Work Week

This week I have returned to a routine of working each day. This has required change. A test for me. I think I’ve done well so far. I’m getting up earlier and have managed to get in my exercise, although reduced to take in account my hours at work. My hours 9:30a to 5:00p give me time for reading and meetings or chores.

I am enjoying my work experience at U of L. It is somewhat of a shock to enter the world of academia. Although, I worked for ACU years ago, I  had forgotten what it is like. I’m not talking bad just different. I’m learning a lot and at this point it seems that I am able to contribute.

We are going on a lunch cruise on the Belle of Louisville with our caregroup tomorrow. It is our first trip on the Belle. You’d think someone who has been in Louisville as long as we have would have been on the Belle of Louisville.

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Back to Normal?

Our Dish Network was repaired today so we are back to the normal background noise of the TV. At least I will be able to go to sleep to David Letterman’s monologue.


Bridge across the Mississippi River from Illinois to Burlington, Iowa

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Off to Work

Today I go to the University of Louisville to start my temporary job. There is a bit of irony in that it was 45 years ago today I was hired into Ford Motor Company. I began my Ford career at the Nashville Glass Plant. Besides the irony of the date, as I was hired at Ford because I knew someone, so it is with U of L. As they say, it is not what you know but who you know.

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Got back to running today. I felt pretty good for not having run but once in the last week. I can tell a difference when I don’t workout. I plan to ride my bike tomorrow. It is beautiful weather. We went to a caregroup fish fry tonight. It was good.

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I’m sitting on our screened porch watching the sun go down. Today may be the best day in many weeks. Cooler and low humidity. We had an uneventful trip home from Iowa. Our time at Clark’s was very good. I’m glad that we were able to help. It is fun to see things coming together. He has a lot of things that can be done around the house but there is plenty of time for that.

This weekend is shaping up to be “normal”. I’m told I need a haircut so tomorrow is the day. We are also invited to a caregroup fish fry Saturday evening. I’m teaching the youth class Sunday evening and I’m excited about that. We are going to talk about reading the Bible. Monday is the day I start my temporary job at U of L. No bites on the house. We may have to put out the “motivated seller” sign.

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The Work Goes On

Another busy day. We are really beginning to see the results of our work. The house has great character. The area is called Vinegar Hill. The neighbors are friendly. Yesterday a lady brought cookies. Today another neighbor brought chicken salad and a book about the history of the area. I can see why the midwest is called the heartland of America. If I could be here without the winters it could be really good.

Yesterday I was able to create another legendary tale for our family. The story will start with “… you remember the time Papa tried to wear a crock pot as a helmet”. I can’t wait to hear all the embellishments. Since the tales will be much better than the truth, I will just let you hear the tales and not document the truth today. We plan to leave for home Friday morning.


A cobblestone alley in downtown Burlington.

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Today we made good progress getting unpacked and getting things arranged. The movers left this afternoon. Clark mowed the yard and I ran the weedeater. There is still a lot to be done but we are able to see daylight. Clark has to go back to work tomorrow, so that will slow us down.

We toured Burlington this afternoon. They have some really gorgeous parks. One of their claims to fame is Snake Alley. The crookest road in the world.



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It’s not 6.5 hours

We made it to Iowa. It took 8 hours not 6.5 as Clark had told me. Of course at my age there are regular diversions which lengthen any trip but Clark was still off. They have a great house. I will post some pictures later. We are busy getting everything arranged and unpacked. We went out to eat last evening and got a quick tour of Burlington but it was late and I need to see it in the daylight. Thunderstorms last night and again this morning. More to come.

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