Moving Up at Ford’s

Continuing reflections on my career with the Ford Motor Company (Ford’s).

It was 964, almost two years since I was hired by Ford Motor Company as an hourly production worker at he Nashville Glass Plant. There had been ups and downs including being laid off for several months but I had settled into the routines [...]

How can I help?

The following excerpt from Richard Beck’s blog post today is a real eye opener for me. He reveals a truth concerning our churches that I have sensed but have been unable to define. I am convicted.

Success in America is to need nothing. To never need help. Your job in America is to be [...]

appreciating the Ordinary

I came across this quote from Brene Brown that I found helpful as I continue to wrestle with the question: “How does one find meaning and purpose in their old age?” 

Brene’ Brown calls to our attention this important facet of our ordinary days. In many instances, we equate ordinary with boring or, even [...]

Arnold and Ruby Mae

2014 is proving to be a memorable year. Its historic, grueling winter and reluctant emergence of spring were, ironically, a reflection of my mother-in law and father-in-law’s end of life experience. After living 94 years and being married 74 years, Arnold and Ruby Mae Watson passed from this life. Despite all the truthful, comforting [...]

Word for 2014

At First Alliance Church there is a custom of choosing a “word” for each year. The intent, as I understand, is to provide a focus for prayers and thoughts as we go through the year. This year the word for FAC is POSSIBILITIES. Each person in the congregation is also encouraged to choose a word [...]

A Goal to Guide Blogging

Richard Beck, who I read regularily and have come to appreciate recenty wrote about blogging and expressed some very thoughtful observations and advice on blogging. I intend to adopt his goal “to use social media sacramentally. To be a sign, a sign of life and grace.”. The full post follows:


I can’t fix [...]

Cold Front

Shortly after we arrived in Florida Ann and I drove to Casperian Beach near Venice to see what it was like. While we were there we witnessed a dramatic scene as a powerful cold front moved across the gulf. I took this sequence of photos within just a few minutes. This was the same cold [...]

That’s where they are getting in!

This is a continuation of stories about my days working for “Ford’s”at the Nashville Glass Plant. The last story introduced Mutt and Jeff, millwrights whose primary responsibilities seemed to be the harassment of unsuspecting new employees. Their antics were legendary. One that I remember hearing most vividly involved management.

A vertical draw furnace was one [...]

Florida in January

For the first time in four years we have returned to Florida for a respite from the winter weather in Kentucky. Although it has been relatively cold in Kentucky, it hasn’t been anywhere close to what many have/are experiencing. I am thankful for this time. We arrived in Venice on New Year’s Day and found [...]

Traveling Comedians

My memories of working at the Nashville Glass Plant are mostly pleasant. The work was sometimes taxing and sometimes boring but the pay was good and there was generally a positive atmosphere in the workplace. As is usually the case there were some memorable people and stories. I had not been working there long before [...]