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Feeling Un-raptured

Interesting excerpt from Chaplin Mike’s IMonk post today: One of the books I am currently reading is David Fitch’s The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission: Towards an Evangelical Political Theology. One of the concepts from Fitch’s book … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Grayson

Today is Grayson George Crockett’s 10th birthday. He is very excited about becoming ten years old. Grayson is serious about baseball and knows almost everything about major league baseball. He is a maniacal Cubs fan. I just hope that since … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Yesterday was my 69th birthday. As I type 69th, it seems almost surreal. It is not that there aren’t glimpses, even startling realizations, which occur daily to bring me back to reality. These occurrences are varied… pain, fatigue, a look … Continue reading

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So Much to Think About

Recent global and national events have been pretty much mind-boggling. The middle east is experiencing a major upheaval. Gas prices have risen to very uncomfortable highs. Inflation is raising its ugly head as the US dollar continues to weaken. Japan … Continue reading

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