Pew Note 8-12-16

Christian spiritual formation is the process by which we grow in relationship with God and therefore, gradually, all the aspects of our person begin to take on the character of Christ. 

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Pew Note 8-26-16

If we reflect on it for a moment, common experience demonstrates that the answers to what confronts our day-to-day lives of faith are most often not found in “Bible verses.” Rather, the Bible models for us a spiritual journey of failure, success, adaptation, growth, change—which is far more immediately relevant for God’s people, then and now.


Welcome Week – a guest post by Jerod Crockett

[This is a repost of grandson Jerod’s post about welcome week at Lipscomb University.]

Welcome to Welcome Week

August 23, 2016

Jerod Crockett

Move in day. Scores of minivans stuffed with Ikea furniture and Target paraphernalia jostle for access to the front entrance of the residence hall. Overenthusiastic upperclassmen in […]

Pew Note 8-14-16

“Once you are justified by faith, you can do what you want. And if you want to do all the things you did before you knew Jesus, then you just don’t get it.”

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Pew Note 8-11-16

We are witnesses. First and foremost we are witness to and about Jesus. Our calling is to draw attention to Jesus and to call folks’ attention to Jesus. The Story of Jesus awakens faith and in that context the summons to repent, to be believe and to be baptized can be given.

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Pew Note 8-10-16

Most families would be healthier and happier if their members treated one another with the respect they would give to a perfect stranger.

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Speaking of Jesus

Speaking of Jesus,Jack Caputo writes:


“He kept one thing uppermost in his heart, the love of neighbor and of God, which was unconditional, the sum and substance of the Torah, and he treated everything else, however sacred […]

Pew Note 8-1-16

Just because it doesn’t look like a Golden Calf doesn’t mean it isn’t a Golden Calf. Today Golden Calves look a lot like national flags, political parties, stock market portfolios and church buildings.

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Pew Note -8-8-16

Grace, not legalism, not works, is the great motivator of the Christian life. Every appeal in Romans 6 is based on what God has done that we cannot do, and the greatest obedience flows from the grace of […]

Trust the Gospel

You have to trust the Gospel to do what it says it promises to do.

 We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, remembering before our […]