Losing Weight

(Post from 2006 during a serious weigh loss effort)

I have found the process of losing weight  interesting. Especially the response from people who have witnessed the changes. There were the usual comments: “I’m proud of you”, “Congratulations”, “You look great!”(I wonder what I was before)

As I have gotten thinner, the responses have shifted to warnings, concerns and direct orders: “Are you feeling OK?”, “Don’t you think you have lost enough weight?”, “You’re just too thin.”, “You should not lose any more weight.”, “Stop losing weight!”

I am not upset about these responses but they do give me pause for thought. Why didn’t I receive the same level of concern when I was obese, taking medications and obviously out of shape and my general health status was seriously deficient? My weight loss has brought me into the healthy category only about 6 pounds ago.

I have come to several conclusions: 1) As it was with me and is with most others, there is an absence of understanding with regard to what is normal and healthy. 2) In our thinking, we have changed the criteria for healthy to accommodate our own reality. 3) We are reluctant to express concern to one another because most of us are in the same boat. 4) Most people do not particularly want someone around that reminds them of their own deficiencies. 5) It is difficult to be humble and avoid self-righteousness when you have achieved a significant accomplishment. 5) Life is more than weight and diet. 6) Trust in God and is more important than ever.

re-post from 2006

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