It is time to re-commit to regular blog posting. It is a bit like New Year’s resolutions, there is a sincere desire but most often it is short lived. The problem is not an absence of subjects to write about, it is more about willfulness. There is an additional issue that comes to mind whenever I start to write… Why?  Why take the time and energy to write? Is what I’m thinking about really relevant to anyone else?

The question of why and relevancy is, I believe, related to aging. As I grow older, what I am noticing more and more is my irrelevance. As people age they become increasingly invisible to those around them. There is no malice in those to whom the elderly are invisible, just apathy. Ironically, at least malice would generate some attention. I’d rather have a good fight than be ignored.

Maybe blog posting is just one way of resisting irrelevance.  My blog feed has 70+ blog sites that have accumulated over the years, currently there are less than a dozen sites that remain active. Social media (Facebook) has become the medium of choice. Perhaps my choice to continue blogging is prima facia evidence of my irrelevance???

At any rate, I will trudge on.

I found this post from my initial effort at journaling (blogging )

A Personal Journal

Jan. 14th, 2006 | 09:11 pm

This is a personal journal of George Ezell. It has been created to be a repository of writings about my life and experiences. The information, although personal, is intended to be shared. Perhaps it will be of interest to family and/or friends, if not in the present, in the years to come. It is my belief this journal will be a useful tool in coming to a better self-understanding. It is also my hope that I will be able to provide a window into my life through which others may better understand just who I am.




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